Tremont Renovation // Adding Details

Only a few weeks left (fingers crossed!) until we officially move into this home of ours! The past week has been a lot of personal details that are SO much fun to see (and loads of wood work + door painting that is not so much).

(^ "Master bath" counter went in + we hung our sconces, original to the home and hung outside, and our horn mirror)

 (^ S put back all the baseboards and door molding and we painted and painted and painted. In the master bedroom we moved our dressers into place, hung our ceiling fan and hung our closet barn doors)

(^ Nothing new here, just uncovered the counters - this week plumbing will be done and we will move appliances into place!)

 (^ First floor bathroom tile has been finished and we hung our light and mirror)

 (^ Put up the railings we had made to match the original and stained the stairs and thresholds)

(^ Hung our dining room light, front hall lights and mirror and put some tables in place)