Tremont Renovation // Final Touches + Moving In

We have officially started the move in (and slept at the house for the first time last night!). We absolutely love this place. The past couple weeks have been a huge push to get everything done and most of it was checked off our list -- all plumbing, all tiling, painting, and last but certainly not least MOVING! Room by room before and afters coming soon...

 (^ Master bath tiling and plumbing is finished, shower door is all that's left! Love this)

 (^ A lot has happened in the master bedroom - we finished putting in pipes and shelving in the closets and filled them up, Randy brought over our amazing barn wood bed frame and we took Cyd & Bennett's old dressers that look like they were meant for this space!)

(^ The front bedroom -- still waiting to finish this up, as we had some closet issues that are wrapping up this week!)

 (^ The back bedroom -- started to move in our things for one of our guest bedroom)

 (^ Dining room light and art has been hung, chairs + sheepskins have been set around the table)

 (^ Living room furniture arrived, bookcases arrived and have been filled, rug has been put down and we are waiting on a table from our very favorite wood worker, Randy)

 (^ Kitchen is complete! Appliances are in, plumbing is done, and all cabinets are fully stocked!)

(^ The bar is almost done -- still need to drop in the sink and have the plumbing hooked up and counter installed, but we're close!)

 (^ Guest bath is finished and it is simply perfect. Time to book some guests on our calendar!)